Enfant Jesus International schools Cotonou (EJS) was founded in order to create a happy atmosphere where pupils and scholars can work to the best of their ability, discover and build their talents and grow steadily in confidence and maturity. We wish to develop the qualities of integrity and build their talents.The nursery and primary departments provide an international education in English and French for children from the ages of four (4) to eleven (11).


 The school will prepare children academically and emotionally for entrance into secondary schools. We value not only academic success but encourage talents of all kind whether in academic studies, art, drama, music, or games, and take the position that the child who is worthwhile as the brilliant scholar, artist or athlete.

The school days: begins at 7:45am. There is a mid-morning break at 10:00am. The lunch break is at 12:00 and students are required to bring their own lunch or buy food at the school canteen/refectory. The afternoon session commences at 1:00pm and finishes at 4:00pm.

Motto: Excellence in Education