Head’s Welcome

Dear parents, guardians, pupils and researchers in your multiple categories, I heartily welcome you all to Enfant Jesus International School, Cotonou.

The need for education can never be overemphasized for it is a fundamental and human right just as stipulates the 26th article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that “everyone has the right to education”. Strongly built on that fundamental and human right, Enfant Jesus International School also instills and promotes full development of the human person in its spiritual, moral, psychological and intellectual dimensions. We are a School to reckon with for we are the cradle of knowledge.

In subsequent pages of our web, you will certainly find a panoramic view of all you need to know about our school, ranging from a detailed description of the School to the conditions for admission and several other basic elements. In case of an unsatisfied curiosity, we could be contacted for further clarification via our electronic mail address and our telephone contact in our School’s web page. It is my ardent wish that our children and wards be formed and trained to be leaders of tomorrow with the spirit of “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” as states the School motto.

I wish all of us a happy and successful time here as well as a vibrant memento. May we all be blessed to reap the fruits of our Labour, Amen.

Mrs. I.J Nwabuike
Proprietress EJISC